Message From Chief Executive Director

Mr. Kim“ACQUIRE IT THE RIGHT WAY: APPLY IT THE RIGHT TIME”  should be a guiding principle for the acquisition of knowledge and its subsequent application for the benefit of mankind.  This has been the guiding force behind Travex’s development in producing quality graduates to meet the global employment.

           The world has taken on a new dimension: globalization which among other things, stresses on the integration of the international communities by ways of free trade and telecommunications. To be a global player, graduates must equipped themselves with “WORLD CLASS” education. Studying and experiencing different cultures at the same time will be an added value to any local and foreign students. To be a genuine global player, all graduates must be able to communicate electronically, coordinate efficiently and cooperate compassionately.

We welcome foreign students from any countries to sign up into our courses. Foreign agents who are interested to support potential students in their country are also welcome.

Thank You

(Mr. Kim Jung Pyung)